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When many people think of smart homes, they think of homes that allow you to control your home remotely, receive alerts when you are away and make life easier.However, the benefits do not stop there. You can also use smart home technology to keep track of various appliances, devices, and locations in your home. This means that you can use the smart home technology to check if your children are home from school if your water heater has malfunctioned and is flooding.These features add convenience, but they can also save lives.

HD Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

See what’s happening around your home

This weather-proof camera can capture live and recorded video around your home.

Smart Thermostat

Enjoy all-day comfort, save on energy costs

Control your home’s temperature remotely, or let it adjust automatically to your family’s needs.

Smart lights

Enjoy Fully automated, energy-efficient lighting

Set them to come on at sunset, or by motion in the evening.

Flood Sensor

Flood Sensor

Know about potential flooding as soon as it happens

Get notified of emergencies that could result in property damage. Act before its too late.

Smart smoke sensor

Smart smoke sensor

Get notified if smoke is detected in your home

Alerts you through the app. A great supplement to your existing smoke sensor.

Smart Lock

smart code RAS

Lock and unlock your front door remotely

Lock and unlock your door or create a special code that will only work during the times you specify. Great for visitors, deliveries, and appointments.

Doorbell Camera with analytics

doorbell camera

See and speak with whoever is at your door

Hear it ring, see who is there and have a two-way conversation no matter where you are.

Why people love Smarthome Security?

One of the benefits of AMC SmartHome Security that families across Canada enjoy is the ability to check up on their kids from anywhere – providing invaluable peace of mind that their family is okay. Hear some of our customer’s stories:

"On top of having the security of an alarm system, I love being able to check in on the house and kids with video surveillance. I also use my app so much to unlock doors when family drops things off and I can't be home and to adjust my thermostat from anywhere at any time! So convenient!"

Victoria from Milton, Ontario

"When the grandchildren are around I set my system to 'Ding' when a door opens"

Viola from Oakville, Ontario

"I don't have to worry about my wife and kids when I'm not there. And, our monitored smoke detectors also ensures that the fire department will be notified even if no one is home"

Yousef from Hamilton, Ontario

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Your Property and Security Systems

Numerous properties around the world are equipped with security systems. The type of system greatly depends on your property as well as your unique needs. In general, business security systems will need to protect different areas at different times from different types from crime than residential security systems. Among these types of properties, there are several differences that are specific to each location.

When you contact AMC security systems, you can speak directly to a loss prevention expert. You can then provide detailed information about your property to receive information on the type of security protection that will work best for you. Security systems are highly effective ways to keep your property safe.



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